The Witnesses

Young lawyer parker house is on the rise—until his grandfather’s mysterious past puts both of their lives in danger. Parker house’s secret inheritance is either his greatest blessing. Then, a big career break for Parker collides with a new love he longs to nurture and the nightmares his grandfather can no longer escape.

Thomas Nelson Inc. Sudden peril threatens to shatter not only Parker’s legal prospects but also his life and the lives of those dearest to him. Two witnesses, two paths, an uncertain future. The fresh-faced north carolina attorney shares his german grandfather’s uncanny ability to see future events in his mind’s eye—a gift that has haunted 82-year-old Frank House through decades of trying to erase a murderous wartime past.

While parker navigates the intrigue and politics of small-town courtroom law, Frank is forced to face his darkest regrets. Or his deadliest curse.

A Time to Stand

Then a split-second mistake changes the course of her career. Left with no other options, adisa returns to her hometown where a few days earlier a white police officer shot an unarmed black teen who is now lying comatose in the hospital. Adisa is itching to jump into the fight as a special prosecutor, but feels pulled to do what she considers unthinkable—defend the officer.

As the court case unfolds, everyone in the small community must confront their own prejudices. In a small georgia town where racial tensions run high and lives are at stake, can one lawyer stand up for justice against the tide of prejudice on every side?Adisa Johnson, a young African-American attorney, is living her dream of practicing law with a prestigious firm in downtown Atlanta.

Caught in the middle, adisa also tries to chart her way along a path complicated by her budding relationship with a charismatic young preacher who leads the local movement demanding the police officer answer for his crime. This highly relevant and gripping novel challenges us to ask what it means to forgive while seeking justice and to pursue reconciliation while loving others as ourselves.


A House Divided

Corbin gage can stand up to anyone. But his own divided house will bring him to his knees. Corbin, a longtime legal champion for the downtrodden, is slowly drinking himself into the grave. Equally intense pressure within the family threatens to destroy, once and for all, the thin threads that connect them. Corbin must find the strength to stand up to his personal demons.

The defendant, a fertilizer company, is the largest employer in the area. Justice for two dying boys depends on it. His family depends on it. Fans of john Grisham will find much to like here. Library journal of The Confession Thomas Nelson. His love for “mountain water” has cost him his marriage to the godliest woman he knows, ruined his relationship with his daughter, Roxy, and reduced the business at his small Georgia law firm to a level where he can barely keep the bill collectors at bay.

. The lawsuit becomes a tornado that sucks Corbin, Ray, and Roxy into an increasingly deadly vortex. But it isn’t until his son, ray, threatens to limit Corbin’s time with his grandson that Corbin begins to acknowledge he might have a problem. Despite the mess that surrounds his personal life and against the advice of everyone he knows, Corbin takes on a high-stakes tort case on behalf of two boys who have contracted non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma due to an alleged chemical exposure.

Chosen People

During a terrorist attack near the western Wall in Jerusalem, a courageous mother sacrifices her life to save her four-year-old daughter, leaving behind a grieving husband and a motherless child. Hana abboud, a christian arab israeli lawyer trained at Hebrew University, typically uses her language skills to represent international clients for an Atlanta law firm.

Bestselling author robert Whitlow returns with an international legal drama that speaks to critical issues of our day. Compelling, realistic, and inspiring. Randy singer, a royal priesthood, bestselling author of Rule of Law“You are a chosen people, a holy nation . What they uncover will forever change their understanding of justice, heritage, and what it means to be chosen for a greater purpose.

When her boss is contacted by jakob brodsky, a young jewish lawyer pursuing a lawsuit on behalf of the woman’s family under the US Anti-Terrorism laws, he calls on Hana’s expertise to take point on the case. Thomas Nelson. After careful prayer, an arab investigator named Daud Hasan, and they quickly realize the need to bring in a third member for their team, she joins forces with Jakob, based in Israel.

To unravel the case, the risk of death is real, a world where hidden motives thrive, this team of investigators travels from the streets of Atlanta to the alleys of Jerusalem, and the search for truth has many faces.

The Confession

With a confession in hand, he knows a guilty plea is soon to follow. In the midst of professional success, Holt is haunted by a secret—a lie he buried in the grave of his best friend. Holt’s crime is hidden from all eyes—family, friends, police, and his soon-to-be fiancé. But the truth has a way of coming back to life.

With obsessive prosecutorial zeal, Holt reopens a cold case involving the death of the town’s wealthiest citizen. Facing fierce opposition, he is determined to expose the killer. The man’s death was ruled a suicide, but Holt suspects murder. Holt slowly begins to unravel the facts. And comes face-to-face with his own guilty conscience.

With his job, his relationship with the woman he loves, confessionand hypocrisy, and his future at risk, Holt skirts the boundary between truth and lies, redemption and ruin. Fans of john Grisham will find much to like here. Library journalconfession is good for the soul, but it could mean death to an ambitious young lawyer.

Assistant da holt Douglas has made a career of getting confessions from criminals. Can he survive long enough to finally make the right choice?“Readers will find plenty to love about this suspenseful novel as they watch its appealing main character juggle personal, professional, and spiritual crisis with a combination of vulnerability and strength.

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The Choice

. The stakes rise quickly, leaving Sandy with split seconds to choose once more. Or death?"the choice shows the struggles of unplanned pregnancy and the courageous act of adoption in a way that I haven't read before. She made the best choice she could. One young woman. Abby brannam-johnson, former planned parenthood Director and author of Unplanned"Whitlow captures the struggle of many women trapped in the battle over abortion in a truly sympathetic and affecting way.

Booklist Thomas Nelson. And has lived with the consequences. More than thirty years later, a pregnant teen has come into her life, and Sandy’s long-ago decision has come back to haunt her. Two very different roads. But will her choice decision bring life. The choice will change everything. Even as a pregnant, unwed teen in 1974, Sandy Lincoln wanted to do the right thing.

But when an ageless woman approached her in a convenience store with a mysterious prophecy and a warning, doing the right thing became even more unclear.

The Sacrifice

Thomas Nelson. The most powerful weapon against evil is sacrifice. Attorney scott ellis is defending Lester Garrison, a 16-year-old accused of opening gunfire on a Sunday afternoon church gathering. At the same time, scott's volunteer work at the local high school brings him into contact with Kay Wilson, an English teacher and former girlfriend.

Unknown to either of them, catawba High School is not just a place of learning--it's a battleground for an age-old struggle between good and evil. On the other side is a deeply troubled young man intent on mass destruction. Caught in the middle, Scott and Kay learn that lasting victory will require the ultimate sacrifice.

On one side are praying students and a simple janitor with an extraordinary faith.

Water's Edge

But first he must clear one final matter from his docket—the closing of his deceased father's law practice in his hometown of Bethel, Georgia. But then he runs into an unexpected roadblock—two million dollars of unclaimed money stashed in a secret bank account. And his faith. Worse still, a trail of data suggests his father played a role in an international fraud operation.

Tom follows the money into a tangled web of lies, theft, and betrayal. And her interest in the outcome of the case is just as high as his. And evidence that his father's death may not have been accidental. By letter. Returning to bethel with no sense of his future and no faith to fall back on, Tom just wants to settle his father's final affairs and get back to Atlanta.

Thomas Nelson. Now he has to decide who he can trust—and how far a father's love can reach. She challenges Tom's assumptions. Sometimes small towns hold the biggest secrets. Ambitious young attorney Tom Crane is about to become a partner in a high-profile Atlanta law firm. Killed in a mysterious boating accident, John Crane didn't appear to leave his son anything except the hassle of wrapping up loose ends.

Life Everlasting Santee, Book 2

His wife wants him dead to protect her secrets. With her client's husband somewhere between this world and the next, attorney Alexia Lindale makes an everlasting choice. The youngest son of a family consumed by greed, Baxter Richardson lingers on this earth in a coma. And though baxter's father fights to keep him alive, even he has ulterior motives.

But baster has a surprising ally. His brother wants him dead to gain control of the family empire. And ted's divinely-inspired playing has been slowly pulling Baxter back from the brink of death. Attorney alexia lindale represents baxter's wife, Rena, but has no idea that she and her client are being played in a game that has higher stakes than a single legal case.

As baxter grows stronger, the more endangered he becomes. Thomas Nelson. A classically trained painist, Ted Morgan believes music can be used as prayer. As alexia navigates her responsibilities to her client, and her new relationship with God, she must discern the truth as it pertains to life, death, her relationship with the gifted musician, and life everlasting.


Life Support Santee, Book 1

Whether he'll make it through the next few weeks is unclear. Used book in Good Condition. His survival depends on the machines that help him breathe. On the haunted, unstable wife who wants to pull the plug and hide her secrets. Thomas Nelson. And, on the music and prayers of an extraordinarily gifted pianist. Alexia lindale knows her new case is a matter of life and death.

On the conflicting legal documents that send the fight to court. On the doting father who wants him alive for reasons of love and money. She doesn't have a clue what it will do to her heart. And soul. From the christy-award-winning author of The List, and mysterious, and The Sacrifice comes this twisting tale of tough decisions, The Trial, mixed motives, healing grace.

Baxter richardson survived a fall from a cliff while hiding in the mountains.

The List

The book that launched bestselling author Robert Whitlow’s career!“Fans of John Grisham will find much to like here. Library journal review of the confessionIn a world of secrets, where evil has reigned for over a hundred years, the power of an ancient covenant will change the life of one man forever.

As a struggling young attorney fresh out of law school, Renny Jacobson pines for the day he can afford the luxuries of the partners in his Charlotte firm. Fans of greg iles’s natchez Burning will find this just as compelling if not more so. Library journal, starred review of A Time to Stand Thomas Nelson.

But the clandestine society that provides the inheritance soon threatens to change him in more ways than one. Renny's life, and the life of the woman he loves, depend on supernatural deliverance from the curse of The List. My verdict for robert Whitlow’s Chosen People: compelling, realistic and inspiring.

Used book in Good Condition. With news of his father's death and a secret inheritance, Renny's life will surely change forever. Robert combines the intensity of a legal battle against terrorists with a poignant depiction of Israel, with all of its tensions and grandeur. Randy singer, race, bestselling author of Rule of Law“Whitlow’s timely story shines a spotlight on prejudice, and the pursuit of justice in a world bent on blind revenge.