The Spy in the Ointment

#ad Road #ad - Though he is a devoted pacifist, Raxford is also—thanks to a tragically consequential typo—the supposed leader of a half-baked and violent radical organization. Eugene raxford is not what anyone would call a debonair man of action. And the safety of the entire world depends on his every move. James bond would think twice before letting him park the Aston Martin.

But he has excelled himself .  .  . Westlake .  .  . If you miss it, you’ll regret it. Los angeles times  Praise for Donald E. If the suspense doesn’t kill you, the laughter will. The atlanta journal-Constitution   “Inventive .  .  . That’s why the fbi wants him to go undercover and spy on the consortium of real-life terrorists and deadly assassins.

The Spy in the Ointment #ad - Wholly delightful. The new york times   “No writer can excel Donald E. Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists.


The Fugitive Pigeon

#ad Road #ad - Praise for Donald E. This “high comedy of errors and murder” with a cat-and-mouse plot is “real fun on the run” from the Edgar Award–winning Grand Master of Mystery Kirkus Reviews. Charlie Poole is a bum. And charlie himself knows it better than anyone. Westlake. Los angeles Times  . And being a bum. His friends know it.

Because not having much of a life is still way better than not having any life at all. He’s stuck with his meager lot, tending bar at his uncle’s Brooklyn dive, picking up the occasional package .  .  . He feels like an extremely fast runner. And over the next few days, he stumbles into a murder he gets blamed for, meets a gorgeous gal he could fall for, discovers what he’s willing to fight for—and finds out just why the hell anyone would want to kill a bum like him .

The Fugitive Pigeon #ad -  .  . His gangster uncle Al knows it. Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists. San francisco chronicle   “No writer can excel Donald E.


Cops and Robbers

#ad Road #ad - Tom and joe have been walking the beat on the mean streets of the Big Apple longer than they can remember—or care to. And all they have to show for it is a whole lot of nothing. The grand master of mystery delivers “nerve-end-entertainment” when two of New York’s finest set out to become two of New York’s richest Kirkus Reviews.

With the right connections and the proper execution, there’s no way their plan can fail. Praise for Donald E. But now the partners have devised a scheme to make all their dreams come true: the perfect heist. Westlake. Los angeles Times  . Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists.

Cops and Robbers #ad - San francisco chronicle   “No writer can excel Donald E. Tom and joe are going to rob the fat cats on Wall Street for millions and walk away clean. And that’s why they’re so surprised when everything goes totally, hysterically wrong .  .  . They’ve been good cops, protecting the public and holding the line against crime and chaos in a city that has plenty of both.

With cops and robbers, the three-time edgar award–winning author, named a Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America, offers “another very hot and successful” novel with “a siren shrill finale” Kirkus Reviews.


High Adventure

#ad Road #ad - But his cash-cow paradise soon attracts the attention of two snooping New York reporters, a beautiful archaeologist from UCLA, and a troop of Guatemalan guerillas just itching to shoot somebody. So when a local official offers him a back-jungle tract of land he swears would make a perfect cattle ranch, Kirby jumps at the opportunity.

I thoroughly enjoyed High Adventure. Elmore leonard   “Westlake at his best: intriguing, fast moving .  .  . Kirby is going to have to talk fast, move faster, and pull out every dirty trick he knows if he’s going to get out of this alive .  .  . Kirby galway may be a low-level marijuana smuggler in Belize, but the man has a dream—to make lots and lots of money.

High Adventure #ad - Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists. San francisco Chronicle. Kirby begins selling homemade “artifacts” from his property to American museums and witless tourists, even building a fake ancient temple and recruiting a tribe of Mayan Indians who know a good scam when they see one.

Unfortunately, he lands himself in a swamp—that he now owns. One man’s quest to make history—and a lot of money: “High entertainment” from the three-time Edgar Award–winning Grand Master of Mystery Elmore Leonard.


Trust Me on This

#ad Road #ad - But when sara gets tapped to cover the clandestine wedding of TV idol Johnny Mercer, she will have to fight tooth and nail—and pen—for every scoop and picture if she wants to stay at the top of the bottom .  .  . A boffo performance” of crime, romance, and tabloid journalism from the three-time Edgar Award–winning author of Baby, Would I Lie? Publishers Weekly.

Unfortunately, she has to settle for the galaxy—the Weekly Galaxy, to be precise, the sensational gossip rag where no low is too low, and no story is too outlandish to print. Westlake. Los angeles Times  . Versatile westlake delivers another offbeat story about picaresque types in his inimitably satiric, irresistible style.

Trust Me on This #ad - Publishers weekly  Praise for Donald E. From finding a dead body in a car before she even finds her desk to making her bones by interviewing a pair of one-hundred-year-old twins never mind that one of them is dead and jockeying for brownie points against a crew of ruthless fellow reporters who will do literally anything to make the front page, Sara soon learns the ropes—how to climb them, and how to use them to strangle the competition.

Sara joslyn is fresh from journalism school and ready to take on the world. Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists. San francisco chronicle   “No writer can excel Donald E.


Baby, Would I Lie?

#ad Road #ad - Westlake. Los angeles Times  . Westlake “westlake has no peer in the realm of comic mystery novelists. San francisco chronicle   “No writer can excel Donald E. But when he’s suspected of a second homicide, Sara realizes there’s more to the story. And that someone decidedly unwholesome is getting away with murder in the heartland.

But news is news, and sara is immediately sent to Branson, Missouri, the capital of wholesome entertainment, to cover a sensational celebrity trial. Sara is surprised by how much she enjoys a bit of pure, proud Americana—as well as the ruggedly smooth Ray Jones. A delightfully feisty, smart heroine” is up against a country music killer in this comic thriller from the Edgar Award–winning author of Trust Me on This Publishers Weekly.

Baby, Would I Lie? #ad - Having endured the seedy world of tabloid journalism at the Weekly Galaxy, ambitious reporter Sara Joslyn has finally moved on to Trend, a hip New York magazine. Making—and mucking—matters worse, Sara’s sleazy former colleagues from the Weekly Galaxy have also infested the town. The action is jet-fast, and the satiric commentary on country western stars and fans is wonderfully wicked.

Library journal   “Lots of ingenious twists and turns. Booklist  Praise for Donald E. Embattled country music legend Ray Jones is accused of a brutal kidnapping and killing.


Nobody's Perfect: A Dortmunder Novel Book Four The Dortmunder Novels 4

#ad Road #ad - Though he cased the electronics store perfectly, turning up in the alley just as he was walking out the back door, the cops surprised him, a television in each hand. An inside-job art heist goes awry in this “wildly funny” crime novel by the Edgar Award–winning author The New York Times Book Review.

Chauncey has pulled the stunt twice before, so it must look real. He’ll give dortmunder no inside help—a shame since, when this caper spins out of control, he’ll need all the help he can get. It would take a miracle to keep Dortmunder out of jail. Already a two-time loser, without divine intervention he faces a long stretch inside.

Nobody's Perfect: A Dortmunder Novel Book Four The Dortmunder Novels 4 #ad - Then god sends J. Radcliffe stonewiler, a celebrity lawyer who gets Dortmunder off with hardly any effort at all. Stonewiler was sent by Arnold Chauncey, an art lover with a cash flow problem. He asks the thief to break into his house and make off with a valuable painting in exchange for a quarter of the insurance money.


The Busy Body

#ad Road #ad - When engel’s shovel strikes coffin, he braces himself for the encounter with the dead man. But the coffin is empty, the heroin gone, and Engel has no choice but to track down the missing body or face his boss’s wrath. Rovito summons engel, his right-hand man, and tells him to get a shovel. Inside the lining of the blue suit jacket is $250, 000 worth of uncut heroin, smuggled back from Baltimore the day the courier died.

He pays for a huge church, a procession of Cadillacs, and an ocean of flowers, and enjoys the affair until he learns the dead man is going to his grave wearing the blue suit. The corpse isn’t anybody special—a low-level drug courier—but it has been so long since the organization’s last grand funeral that Nick Rovito decides to give the departed a big send-off.

The Busy Body #ad - . Merriment, mayhem and a plot that really keeps you guessing” from the Grand Master of Mystery and author of the John Dortmunder novels Kirkus Reviews.


Dancing Aztecs

#ad Road #ad - The statues travel to America spread out among five crates, labeled to ensure that delivery goes as planned. The sculptor replaces the original with one of his fakes, and ships the real one to New York City for an under-the-table sale to a museum. The statue disappears into the city, leading him on a baffling chase, which—if he comes up with the wrong Aztec—could cost him his life.

A small south american republic has decided to capitalize on its national symbol: a prized gold statue of a dancing Aztec priest. But it doesn’t work. Asked to pick up the crate marked “e” at the airport, delivery man Jerry Manelli, confused by his client’s Spanish accent, takes crate “A” instead.

Dancing Aztecs #ad - . The hunt is on for a valuable statue in this comic crime thriller from “the funniest man in the world” The Washington Post. The president asks a sculptor to make sixteen copies of it for sale abroad.


God Save the Mark

RosettaBooks #ad - This edgar award winner is a “raucously funny” novel of crime, con artists, and a poor sucker caught in the middle, by the author of the Dortmunder series Kirkus Reviews. The pure-hearted, gullible man seems to get taken every time he turns around. Now fred’s late uncle matt, who he never even heard of before, has willed him $317, 000.

At this point, he’s been ripped off so many times he’s got a regular contact at New York’s bunco squad. Along with the inheritance comes the devoted gertie divine, uncle Matt’s old friend who is all too willing to become Fred’s new friend—and a host of other mysterious characters who are willing to get chummy with Fred in hopes of getting their hands on that fortune.

God Save the Mark #ad - Everybody’s favorite loser. Masterful. Publishers Weekly. If there is a scam operating anywhere, sooner or later it will find Fred Fitch. But soon it’s not just fred’s money that’s in danger but his life, in this “high-spirited farce” The Washington Post by the master of comic crime fiction—starring a character the New York Times called “unforgettable .


Why Me? The Dortmunder Novels Book 5

#ad Road #ad - A fast-paced crime caper from the edgar Award–winning author and “funniest man in the world” The Washington Post Book World. As a stone it’s worth over a million dollars, a value vastly increased by its pure gold band—but its history makes it priceless. A ring that has been fought for with sword and pen, and passed from nation to nation by all manner of theft and trickery, it finally made its way to the United States.

The byzantine Fire is much more than a ninety-carat ruby. The us has agreed to return it to Turkey, but it’s about to be stolen twice more. A gang of greeks armed with sten guns burst into the security room at JFK Airport and escape with the priceless stone, which they deposit in the safe at a small jeweler’s shop in Queens.

Why Me? The Dortmunder Novels Book 5 #ad - Much blood has been shed for this little ruby, and Dortmunder’s could be next. Be careful what you steal.  .  . A few hours later, expecting a routine robbery, unlucky thief John Dortmunder, steals it again.