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Visit her at www. Kalisha. Com and on most social media @KalishaOnline. Her stories have appeared in michigan Quarterly Review, Intellectual Refuge, The Stockholm Review, Black Renaissance Noire and more. Kalisha buckhanon is author of the award-winning novels Upstate and Conception. Her next novel Solemn arrives from St.

Martin's press in May 2016. Despite objections from their wildly different families, who beg the couple to go the more “traditional route, ” Candy and Frankie schedule an appointment with the Department of Child Family Services in the hopes of finding not an infant, but a toddler—a child “no one else wants.

Beautifully rendered in a voice unlike any other in contemporary fiction, privilege, Pick Me grapples with notions of race, and ambition in the modern age – and the strain those forces can put on a relationship. While struggling with infertility, Candy and Frankie, a mixed-race couple living in Chicago, decide to adopt a Black child.


Flirting with Felicity

He’s here to challenge her unexpected inheritance of the Bancroft Hotel, and there’s no way either of them are walking away without a fight. When his uncle wills away his family’s oldest property, Blake Bancroft cooks up a plan to get it back. Their attraction may be a recipe for disaster. As their battle over ownership begins, things begin to heat up between them—and not just in the kitchen.

Felicity wright never expected to inherit the hotel where she works as head chef. Too bad his first encounter with Felicity proves to be anything but smooth. But now, she’ll do anything to keep the Bancroft Hotel operating—even if that means mixing it up with the late owner’s handsome nephew, Blake Bancroft.

Yet with the right ingredients, it could turn into a recipe for love…In her debut contemporary romance, passionate, award-winning historical romance author Gerri Russell whips up a sweet, and unforgettably delectable story. To check out his competition, he’ll need to check in.

Happy This Year!: The Secret to Getting Happy Once and for All

We have control over our own happiness and this powerful book offers concrete advice on how to tap into it and nourish it all year round. Regardless of what the year and your life may bring, we can become measurably and sustainably happier. A practical, yet inspirational work that proposes it’s the inner world of our psyches that determines happiness, not outside forces.

The author focuses explicitly on the positive ways we can establish a higher set-point in our thoughts, speech, and actions, resulting in greater sustainable levels of happiness.

The Rented Mule

Cooper races against time to find his wife before the gang turns her over to their client, whose plan to take down Cooper is far more sinister than anyone could imagine. But for cooper, things aren’t turning out how he expected. He and kelly are caught in a never-ending cycle of arguments—Cooper can’t remember the last time they had sex.

The cops quickly zero in on cooper as the prime suspect, and the combination of an attractive suburban mother, workaholic husband, and a million-dollar insurance policy makes the case primetime television fodder. Soon, cooper’s face is plastered on every TV screen in the country. And cooper’s troubled business partner, Gates Ballenger, is scheming to sell the Tower Agency out from under him.

When a gang of criminals is hired by a mysterious client to kidnap Kelly and set up Cooper to take the fall, Cooper’s life goes completely off the rails. Cooper dixon should have it made, and a thriving business, two great kids, Kelly, with a beautiful wife, the Tower Agency.

Three Daughters: A Novel

Nijmeh, yet it prepares her for her ultimate journey to America, is an only child and the path her father, Nadia's daughter, the sheik, sets for her is fraught with difficulties, where she finds her future. Each woman, in her own time and in her own way, experiences a world in transition through war and social change.

. And each must stretch the bounds of her loyalty, her courage, and her heart. Revised edition: previously published as Daughters, this edition of Three Daughters includes editorial revisions. Uprooted by war, miriam enters a world where the old constraints slip away with thrilling and disastrous results. Miriam’s rebellious daughter, Nadia, is thrilled with the opportunity for a modern life that her elite education provides.

But when she falls in love with an outsider, the clan reins her back with a shocking finality. From the fertile hills of a tiny village near Jerusalem to the elegant townhouses of Georgetown, loves, Three Daughters is a historical saga that chronicles the lives, and secrets of three generations of Palestinian Christian women.

Born in rural palestine, just before the dawn of the twentieth century, Miriam adores her father and is certain his love will protect her, but she soon finds that tradition overrides love.

The Consequence of Loving Colton

But four years later, her brother is getting married and Colt’s the best man—and guess who is the best man’s last-minute date?Milo vows to use the wedding to either claim the smoldering firefighter’s heart or douse this torch for good. It’s all fun and games…until someone’s heart is broken.

They’re not kids anymore, but milo caro is certain that Colton Mathews will only see her as his best friend’s little sister for the rest of their lives. Colt and milo are at war, an unfortunate trip to jail, and a maniacal fiancée, and between Max’s questionable acting methods, what could possibly go right? .

When max—her best friend from college, who may be carrying a torch of his own—crashes the party, they devise a plan to make Colt see what he’s missing. After all, he made that clear the night before she left for college. But after colt catches on, he decides to cook up his own revenge. Now it’s personal.


The Years

Old scores are settled; old wounds healed. When lawrence visits hermia’s home on Cape Cod, she has one request: “Please stay. What happens when he does fills the rest of this wise and unforgettable novel. With enormous sympathy and keen insight, in los Angeles and New York, Michigan and Massachusetts, Nicholas Delbanco follows Hermia and Lawrence through their years together and apart, in frailness and in health.

. A stunning, wise book about first and final love, The Years addresses the irrevocable end of life…and what ultimately endures. They fall in love even more deeply, but being in their sixties, with plenty of baggage, they wonder if marriage is the right move. Forty years after their intense but doomed college romance, Lawrence and Hermia meet again on a Mediterranean cruise.

The years is about the passage of time: from youth to middle age to the winter of life.

Evelyn, After: A Novel

What will be left of her after it flames out? And in the midst of it all is Juliette, not only her husband’s secret lover but also his patient. If news of the affair were to get out, it would ruin more than just Evelyn’s marriage. Although it’s a bitter pill for evelyn to swallow, as she begins to discover, protecting her family means staying silent—even if, the night of the accident has consequences far more dangerous than the unmasking of an affair.

But the more evelyn learns about juliette’s picture-perfect life—complete with a handsome, unsuspecting husband—the more she yearns for revenge…and satisfaction. Her husband, a prestigious psychiatrist, has been in an accident. Evelyn tester is sleepwalking through her suburban life—until a late-night phone call startles her awake.

Her growing obsession fuels her rage, burning away her complacency. And he isn’t alone. Suddenly evelyn’s world isn’t as tidy as she thought.

The Rejected Writers' Book Club Southlea Bay 1

But good friends are exactly what Janet needs after moving to the small town of Southlea Bay, Washington. This quirky group of women would much rather celebrate one another’s rejected manuscripts over cups of tea and slices of lemon cake than actually publish a book. Librarian janet johnson is puzzled when she is invited—and practically dragged—to her first meeting of the Rejected Writers’ Book Club.

As they race to the finish line, handsome strangers, they’ll face their fears—landslides, haunted houses, ungrateful children—and have the time of their lives. Revised edition: this edition of The Rejected Writers' Book Club includes editorial revisions. Just as the ladies are about to raise a teacup to their five hundredth rejection letter, they receive bad news that could destroy one member’s reputation—and disband the group forever.

To save the club, janet joins her fellow writers on a wild road trip to San Francisco in search of the local publisher who holds the key to a long-buried secret.

The Eagle Tree

But the young autistic boy cannot resist the captivating pull of the Pacific Northwest’s lush forests just outside his back door. One day, march is devastated to learn that the Eagle Tree—a monolithic Ponderosa Pine near his home in Olympia—is slated to be cut down by developers. In taking a stand, is he risking himself and his mother to do it?intertwining themes of humanity and ecology, a society, The Eagle Tree eloquently explores what it means to be part of a family, March will come face-to-face with some frightening possibilities: Even if he manages to save the Eagle Tree, and the natural world that surrounds and connects us.

Now, classmates, he will do anything in his power to save this beloved tree, including enlisting unlikely support from relatives, and even his bitter neighbor. They are his passion and his obsession, even after his recent falls—and despite the state’s threat to take him away from his mother if she can’t keep him from getting hurt.

Fourteen-year-old March Wong knows everything there is to know about trees.

Carry Her Heart Words of the Heart Book 1

But with him at her side, Piper just might learn that a heart’s love is never truly lost. Maybe we’re always in the process of metamorphosing into something new. In her journal, writer Piper George notes the change of seasons. Maybe we live our lives constantly becoming and rebecoming. But the loss of her daughter has irrevocably shaped her life.

But one autumn, a new presence appears in its pages and in her life: her neighbor, Edward “Ned” Chesterfield. As winter thaws to spring, piper and Ned develop a friendship that could be something more…if only Piper would open her heart. And having given so much of herself away, she’s not sure if she can give Ned all that he deserves.

Each entry marks the passage of time since she became a teen mother and put her baby up for adoption. Her words flow together, painting a picture of loss, hope, and enduring love for the daughter she’s never forgotten.