Midnight Angels: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - Kate westcott, a gifted American art student, has come to Florence to study Michelangelo. Exploring the cobbled streets of the Renaissance city with her fellow student Marco, Kate feels the pull of destiny. It is the find of a lifetime—and the beginning of a nightmare. Pursued by criminals, suspected by the rome art Squad, and navigating the underground network of a secret society, Kate and Marco must use all their cunning to protect Michelangelo’s work—and their lives.

And when the two uncover a chamber in a corridor sealed since the time of the Medicis, they make a stunning discovery: Michelangelo’s Midnight Angels—three small, exquisite sculptures long rumored to exist but never before seen.


The Wolf: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - You’ve never met me, and if you’re lucky you never will. I let my guard down. We’re invisible but we’re everywhere. No one combines such themes as Renaissance art, global terror, and all things Italian like Lorenzo Carcaterra. Andrew gross, new york times bestselling author of Everything to Lose  “Binds a strong confessional voice with a taut revenge plot.

New york   “A high-octane thriller. Publishers weekly starred review   “Action fans will love it. Booklist praise for Lorenzo Carcaterra   “Crackles with action. You would be wrong. That was my mistake. This book transcends the genre of crime fiction. Pick up a copy of the wolf and you won’t put it down until the surprise ending!”—Lisa Scottoline, the intrigue and lore of The Godfather, New York Times bestselling author of Accused   “The Wolf crackles with the geopolitical high stakes of Homeland, and the clock-ticking final showdown of 24.

The Wolf: A Novel #ad - Wherever you go, however it is you spend your money, whatever you do, a piece of it lands in our pockets. A brilliant, troubling, important book. Jonathan kellerman, on sleepers   “A brilliant, multilayered novel that breathes and bleeds on every page.


Paradise City: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - A gifted officer with her own personal demons, Jennifer thinks she’ll be dealing with a peasant from the old country. The most exciting achievement to date from the acclaimed author of Sleepers and Gangster, a stunning crime novel about the roots of revenge, honor, Paradise City is a riveting thriller of two cops and two countries, and evil.

As a fifteen-year-old, Giancarlo Lo Manto learned about injustice the hard way. The strength of naples reinforces the muscle of New York”–and now the two worlds are about to collide. In the highest towers of the most expensive streets of New York City, Pete Rossi, the son of Don Nicola, has decided to bring Gian back to America–permanently.

Paradise City: A Novel #ad - His efforts have not gone unnoticed. When gian learns that his teenage niece, to paradise, has gone missing in Manhattan, Paula, he cancels a much-needed vacation to Capri, joking that “one island is just as good as the other. Gian’s homecoming will be anything but smooth. When his mother moved him from new york back to his family’s ancestral home in Naples, Gian found himself face-to-face with the source of the mob’s strength, the spring that spawned its deadly killers.

Today, he is a dogged detective on the Naples police force, twenty-three years later, homicide division, the most dangerous beat in Europe. Someone must always watch his back, and Detective Jennifer Fabini gets the job.


Chasers: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - The heinous machine-gun murder of innocent bystanders in a Manhattan restaurant shocks all five boroughs. The brutal slaying propels the surviving members of the Apaches–controversial, take-’em-down, outside-the-law ex-cops–into investigating a Colombian drug cartel responsible for distributing millions of kilos of cocaine on American shores.

Along for the harrowing ride with boomer, dead-eye, an hiv-positive recruit who’s a forensics expert; and a retired police dog named Buttercup, and Reverend Jim are three new Apaches: Ash, a Neapolitan bullmastiff who is no ordinary animal but a gold-shield detective, a wounded female Hispanic cop who specializes in arson investigations; Quincy, highly decorated for his skills at sniffing out illegal drugs.

Chasers: A Novel #ad - From the bestselling author of sleepers and former writer/producer of Law & Order comes another high-octane New York City crime drama pulsing with energy. Now this dedicated team will become Chasers, working multiple cases that will converge into one explosive, all-out street war. They will face a gallery of formidable enemies: quinones, a mysterious and deadly assassin; the Boiler Man, a former priest turned cartel boss, a killer as ruthless as he is cunning; Angel, determined to end his career as the richest drug baron in the world; and the G-Men, a band of dealers and doers determined to maintain their iron grip on the cocaine trade–no matter how much blood is spilled.

Fueled by lorenzo carcaterra’s adrenaline-rush prose and peopled with uncommon heroes and merciless crime lords tearing through city streets, Chasers proves to be this acclaimed author’s most intense novel to date. In lorenzo carcaterra’s chasers, the street-smart and highly specialized cadre of renegade NYPD cops last depicted in his acclaimed novel Apaches returns in a new tale of action and suspense.

It’s 1985, and the city that never sleeps is about to wish it had stayed in bed.


Gangster: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - These powerful themes ricochet through Lorenzo Carcaterra’s new novel like bullets from a machine gun. In gangster, he surpasses even his bestselling Sleepers to create a brutal and brilliant American saga of murder, forgiveness, and redemption. Born in the midst of tragedy and violence and raised in the shadow of a shocking secret, young Angelo Vestieri chooses to flee both his past and his father to seek a second family—the criminals who preside over early 20th century New York.

Love. By taking gabe under his wing and teaching him everything he knows, in the winter of his life, Angelo Vestieri will learn, which is greater: his love for the boy he cherishes, or his need to be a gangster and to live by the savage rules he helped create. A sweeping panoramic with riveting characters, and a relentless pace, a unique understanding of the underworld philosophy, Gangster travels through the time of godfathers and goodfellas to our own world of suburban Sopranos.

Gangster: A Novel #ad - Violence. Setting a new standard for this acclaimed author, a city, Gangster is a compassionate portrait of one man's fight against his fate—and an unforgettable epic of a family, a century. But this is more than just an authentic chronicle of crime. In his bloody rise from soldier to mob boss, and gains a perspective on the lonely, in his brutal business, the virtue of relationships, he encounters ever more barbaric betrayals—in friendship, in love—yet simultaneously comes to understand the meaning of loyalty, if powerful, life he has chosen.

As the years pass, as enemies are made and defeated, as wars are fought and won, the old don meets an abandoned boy who needs a parent as much as protection. Destiny.


Apaches: A Novel of Suspense

Ballantine Books #ad - Think of it as the Magnificent Seven Does New York. The dallas morning news“carcaterra writes with the passion of Styron, the guts of Mailer, and the sting of James M. They're apaches. Cain. William Diehl. At war against evil. Pulp noir. Apaches showcases lorenzo Carcaterra's ability to create chillingly evil characters and a world horrifying in its depravity.

The washington Post Book WorldBoomer. But they are cops no more. Now they are apaches, a renegade unit working on their own—reunited to bring down the most vicious criminal working in New York City today. Praise for apaches“One of the most intriguing writers around. Readers will no doubt die for this stuff.

Apaches: A Novel of Suspense #ad - Newsweek“A compellingly readable novel. Columbo. Legends of the NYPD, they were great cops. They're not cops anymore.



Ballantine Books #ad - 1 new york times bestseller • the extraordinary true story of four men who take the law into their own hands. Praise for sleepers   “Undeniably powerful, an enormously affecting and intensely human story. To exact it, they will twist the legal system. Commandeer the courtroom for their agenda. Use the wiles they observed on the streets, the violence they learned at Wilkinson.

Sensitive, humorous, and harrowing, featuring dialogue with perfect pitch. The denver post “A gut-wrenching piece of work. This is the story of four young boys. Four lifelong friends. Intelligent, fun-loving, wise beyond their years, they are inseparable. Their potential is unlimited, but they are content to live within the closed world of New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen.

Sleepers #ad - And to play as many pranks as they can on the denizens of the street. They never get caught. And they know they never will. Sleepers is a thriller, to be sure, but it is equally a wistful hymn to another age. The washington post book World  “A powerful book, hard to forget.


Street Boys: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - Italy is leaderless, Mussolini already arrested by anti-Fascists. Children who have been orphaned or hidden by parents in a last, defiant gesture against the Nazis. Now, the german army is moving toward Naples to finish the job. Adults, even entire families, have been marched off to work camps or simply sent off to their deaths.

The german army has evacuated the city of Naples. In its awesome scope and pure page-turning excitement, it stands as a stirring tribute to the underdog in us all—and as a singular addition to the novels about World War II. Their chilling instructions are: If the city can’t belong to Hitler, it will belong to no one.

Street Boys: A Novel #ad - No one but children. The only people left in the shattered, bombed-out city are the lost, abandoned children whose only goal is to survive another day. Children, some as young as ten years old, unexploded bombs, armed with just a handful of guns, and their own ingenuity. Children who are determined to take on the advancing enemy and save the city—or die trying.

There is vincenzo soldari, a middle-aged drunkard desperate to redeem himself by adding his experience to the raw exuberance of the young fighters; Nunzia Maldini, his nineteen-year-old daughter, a sixteen-year-old history buff who is determined to make history by leading others with courage and self-confidence; Carlo Maldini, who helps her father regain his self-respect— and loses her heart to an American G.

I. Corporal steve connors, then cut off from his comrades—with no choice but to aid the street boys; Colonel Rudolph Van Klaus, of course, the dozens of young boys who use their few skills and great heart to try to save their city, their country, a soldier sent out on reconnaissance, the proud Nazi commander shamed by his own sadistic mission; and, and themselves.


A Safe Place: The True Story of a Father, a Son, a Murder

Ballantine Books #ad - And he wondered how he could love his father again. Did he possess the same murderous fury; would he someday suddenly lash out at those he loved? As his father's physical abuse escalated, Lorenzo sought frantically for a safe place. A place where he could find hope and reconciliation and peace, where his father's terrible shadow no longer lingered.

Dramatic, graphic and wrenching. The reader is left to wonder--at the devastation of Carcaterra's youth, at his survival to adulthood, and at the grace that allowed him to craft this piercing memoir. The washington postlorenza carcaterra grew up in hell's kitchen, New York in the 1950s and '60s in a confusing world of love and fear of his paradoxically violent and affectionate father.

A Safe Place: The True Story of a Father, a Son, a Murder #ad - Then lorenzo learned that his father had murdered his first wife. A safe place is the brilliant result. Now, decades later, Lorenzo has finally come to terms with the awful truth about his father.


Tin Badges: A Novel

Ballantine Books #ad - But gonzo will stop at nothing to defend the empire he's built, and won't hesitate to make it personal. To tackle a case involving a dangerous kingpin known as gonzo, Tank turns to his best friend and ex-partner, Pearl; a former mobster living out a seemingly quiet retirement as the owner of Tank’s favorite Italian restaurant; and a team of expert misfits he would trust with his life.

It’s only when chris reveals an interest in true crime and a genius-level skill with computers that they begin to bond. From the #1 new york times bestselling author of sleepers and The Wolf, hailed as “simply the best” Steve Berry and “one of the most intriguing writers around” Newsweek.

Tin Badges: A Novel #ad - Chris’s skills may be exactly what Tank’s team needs to take Gonzo down—but getting him involved could put his life at risk. Advance praise for tin badges“carcaterra capably combines his trademark adrenaline-fueled action with the emotion involved in Tank taking on a parental role for a sometimes surly teen.

All this needs, fortunately, and, after a cliff-hanger close,  is a sequel, one is promised. Booklist“another gem from a writer who has earned his spot at the top echelon of suspense masters. Everything here leaps from the page, smart, never stinting on the harsh reality, delivering a spicy, and entertaining adventure.

Steve berry, new york Times bestselling author of the Cotton Malone series. Tank is the only family left for his orphaned teenage nephew, Chris, although he knows his lifestyle is ill-suited to win him father of the year.


Gods of Howl Mountain: A Novel

St. Martin's Press #ad - Slowed by a wooden leg and haunted by memories of the Korean War, Rory runs bootleg whiskey for a powerful mountain clan in a retro-fitted '40 Ford coupe. Between deliveries to roadhouses, evades federal agents, brothels, and private clients, he lives with his formidable grandmother, and stokes the wrath of a rival runner.

In the mill town at the foot of the mountains - a hotbed of violence, moonshine, and the burgeoning sport of stock-car racing - Rory is bewitched by the mysterious daughter of a snake-handling preacher. When rory's life is threatened, Granny must decide whether to reveal what she knows. Or protect her only grandson from the past.

With gritty and atmospheric prose, Taylor Brown brings to life a perilous mountain and the family who rules it. A fresh, authentic, and eloquent new voice in American fiction. Robert morgan, award-winning author taylor brown explores a world of folk healers, whiskey-runners, New York Times bestselling author of Gap CreekIn Gods of Howl Mountain, and dark family secrets in the high country of 1950s North Carolina.

Gods of Howl Mountain: A Novel #ad - Bootlegger rory docherty has returned home to the fabled mountain of his childhood - a misty wilderness that holds its secrets close and keeps the outside world at gunpoint. His grandmother, opposes this match for her own reasons, Maybelline “Granny May” Docherty, believing that "some things are best left buried.