AutoCAD and Its Applications Basics 2017

Goodheart-Willcox - Heavily illustrated to make learning easy. Step-by-step use of AutoCAD commands. Exercises on the companion website correlated to each chapter reinforce AutoCAD concepts. End-of-chapter review questions and drawing problems check comprehension. End-of-chapter practice questions and problems for the AutoCAD Certified Professional Exam help students prepare for professional-level certification.

In addition to teaching autoCAD, this text serves as a valuable resource once you begin a career in the drafting and design industry. Autocad and its applications–Basics provides complete instruction in 2D drafting and AutoCAD tools. It features complete coverage of autocad drawing and editing commands and additional topics, layouts and plotting, annotative objects, hatching techniques, including dimensioning, dynamics blocks, parametric drafting, external references, and sheet sets.

AutoCAD and Its Applications Basics 2017 - The heavily illustrated text not only tells you how to use AutoCAD, it also shows you how to use AutoCAD. Whether you are learning AutoCAD for the first time or updating your skills, this book is a must. Autocad and its applications–Basics is a useful tool for both classroom instruction and independent study.

Technical Drawing for Engineering Communication

Cengage Learning - The end result is a tool that will give you the real-world skills needed for a successful career in CAD, drafting, or design. Technical drawing for engineering communication, resulting in a valuable, modern approach to technical drawing that combines the most current industry standards with up-to-date technologies and software, 7E offers a fresh, highly relevant resource you won't want to be without.

Enhancements for the seventh edition include updates based on industry trends and regulations, an all-new chapter on employability skills, and additional content on SolidWorks 3D modeling software for drafting technicians. The book builds on features that made its previous editions so successful: comprehensive coverage of the "total technical drawing experience" that explores both the basic and advanced aspects of engineering and industrial technology and reviews both computer modeling and more traditional methods of technical drawing.

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2017

SDC Publications - Advanced 3d Construction Tools 12. Other featured topics include sheet metal design, motion analysis, 2D design reuse, collision and contact, stress analysis and the Autodesk Inventor 2017 Certified User Examination. Table of Contents 1. Constructive Solid Geometry Concepts 4. Content center and Basic Motion Analysis 15.

Getting Started 2. Parametric Modeling Fundamentals 3. Datum features and Auxiliary Views 10 It uses a hands-on, exercise-intensive approach to all the important parametric modeling techniques and concepts. Introduction to Stress Analysis Appendix Index. Part drawings and Associative Functionality 9. Symmetrical Features in Designs 11.

Parametric Modeling with Autodesk Inventor 2017 - Parametric modeling with autodesk inventor 2017 contains a series of sixteen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce Autodesk Inventor, solid modeling, and parametric modeling. 2d design reuse, Collision and Contact 16. Parametric Constraints Fundamentals 6. Sheet metal Designs 13. Geometric Construction Tools 7.

Model history Tree 5.

Introduction to Electronics

Delmar Cengage Learning - In addition, new photographs keep them up to date with changes in the field of electronics and a new topic on Programmable Interface Controllers PICs is included as well. The sixth edition continues to expose readers to the broad field of electronics at a level that they can easily understand. Introduction to electronics, sixth edition is written to allow readers to understand the fundamentals of electronics.

Used book in Good Condition. This book is intended for first year students or users to stimulate their interest in electronics, whether they are in high school, college or the field, and will provide them with a fundamental background in electronics that they need to succeed in today's increasingly digital world.

Introduction to Electronics - Chapters are brief and focused and frequent examples are used to show math and formulas in use. Introduction to electronics, sixth edition provides readers with a broad overview of both the linear and digital fields of electronics while also providing the basics so they can understand the fundamentals of electronics.

There are many new problems and review questions and Internet applications that enhance readers' learning and retention of the material. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter to allow readers to grow with the knowledge necessary to continue.

Engineering Drawing and Design

Cengage Learning - For more than 25 years, students have relied on this trusted text for easy-to-read, comprehensive drafting and design instruction that complies with the latest ANSI and ASME industry standards for mechanical drafting. Used book in Good Condition. The text showcases actual product designs in all phases, from concept through manufacturing, marketing, and distribution.

The sixth edition of engineering drawing and design continues this tradition of excellence with a multitude of real, high-quality industry drawings and more than 1, 000 drafting, design, and practical application problems--including many new to the current edition. In addition, and the authors describe practices to improve process output quality by using quality management methods to identify the causes of defects, remove them, the engineering design process now features new material related to production practices that eliminate waste in all phases, and minimize manufacturing variables.

Introduction to Engineering Technology 8th Edition

Pearson - Used book in Good Condition. In addition to developing your skills in algebra, trigonometry, and geometry, this popular text also helps you to understand the broad spectrum of today’s technologies. The basic tools of engineering technology, calculator skills, geometry, computer skills, and technical reporting, conversion of units, including problem solving, are explained.

Mathematical concepts are presented in a moderately-paced manner, including practical, worked-out examples for the engineering calculator. Introduction to engineering Technology, Eighth Edition, explains the responsibilities of technicians and technologists in the dynamic world of engineering.

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics 15th Edition

Peachpit Press - Cad at work section: breakout pages offer tips on generating drawings from 2D or 3D models. Understanding section: foundational introductions, tabbed for easy navigation, use,  visualization tips, outline each topic’s importance, and theory. They combine strong technical detail, industries, colorful, and current standards, materials, and processes–all in a format that is efficient, real-world examples, and visual.

This full-color text offers a clear, complete introduction and detailed reference for creating 3D models and 2D documentation drawings. Features: splash Spread: Appealing chapter opener provides context and motivation. Portfolio section: Examples of finished drawings show how techniques are applied in the real world.

Used book in Good Condition. Superbly integrated illustrations, text, step-by-step instructions, and navigation make it easier than ever to master key skills and knowledge. Throughout, the authors demonstrate 3D and 2D drawing skills and CAD usage in real-world work practice in today’s leading disciplines.

Technical Drawing with Engineering Graphics 15th Edition - Detail section: detailed, well-tested explanations of drawing techniques, variations, and examples–organized into quick-read sections, numbered for easy reference. Building on its reputation as a trusted reference, this edition expands on the role that 3D CAD databases now play in design and documentation.

Key words: italicized on first reference, summarized after each chapter.

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order

Wiley - The updated and revised fourth edition features the fundamental elements of space and form and is designed to encourage critical thought in order to promote a more evocative understanding of architecture. This edition includes an access card with a redemption code for the online Interactive Resource Center, flashcards of key architectural terms, which features thirty-five animations, and an image gallery showcasing hundreds of photos that enrich the book’s content.

Wiley. Architecture: form, space, and Order distills complex concepts of design into a clear focus and brings difficult abstractions to life. In addition, the text’s detailed illustrations demonstrate the concepts presented and reveal the relationships between fundamental elements of architecture through the ages and across cultures.

Architecture: Form, Space, & Order - The book explains form and space in relation to light, view, and enclosures and explores the organization of space, openings, and the elements and relationships of circulation, as well as proportion and scale. Used book in Good Condition. The classic architectural reference, space, the beautifully illustrated architecture: form, updated with contemporary examples and inTERACTIVE RESOURCES For more than forty years, and Order has served as the classic introduction to the basic vocabulary of architectural design.

Machine Trades Print Reading

Goodheart-Willcox - Throughout the text, real industrial prints have been included to provide valuable hands-on learning opportunities. Used book in Good Condition. Machine  trades print reading further explains details common to industrial prints and provides an intrroduction to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Wiley.

The text begins with an overview of the role of prints in the design and manufacturing process and then teaches the fundamentals of visualizing shapes, line usage, title blocks and notes, dimensions, math measurement, and toldeances. The final unit contains comprehensive review activities. Machine trades print reading, a combination text and write-in workbook designed to help you develop the skills required to visualize and interpret industrial prints.

Parametric Modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2017

SDC Publications - Geometric Relations Fundamentals 6. Design analysis with SimulationXpress 17. Reference geometry and Auxiliary Views 10 Symmetrical Features in Designs 12. Parametric Modeling Fundamentals 3. Table of contents certified soLIDWORKS Associate CSWA Exam Overview 1. Feature Design Tree 5. The lessons guide the user from constructing basic shapes to building intelligent solid models, assemblies and creating multi-view drawings.

This book also covers some of the more advanced features of soLIDWORKS 2017, basic motion analysis, including how to use the SOLIDWORKS Design Library, collision detection and analysis with SimulationXpress. Reference guides located at the front of the book and in each chapter show where these performance tasks are covered.

Parametric Modeling with SOLIDWORKS 2017 - Parametric modeling with solidworks 2017 contains a series of seventeen tutorial style lessons designed to introduce SOLIDWORKS 2017, solid modeling and parametric modeling techniques and concepts. The exercises in this book cover the performance tasks that are included on the Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate CSWA Examination.

Constructive Solid Geometry Concepts 4. Parent child relationships and the BORN Technique 8. Sheet metal Designs 14. Design library and Basic Motion Study 16.

Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications

McGraw-Hill Science Engineering - It has been written so that a student needs no prior knowledge of electrical theory and principles, and at a level that allows students with limited math and reading skills, to gain a clear understanding of concepts and applications covered in a digital electronics course. It is ideal for a wide range of electronics courses - especially programs in which students must learn the essentials and quickly apply them to real-life situations.

Also available with this edition is mhe's Online Learning Center that features numerous instructor resources including solutions to the problems, an image library, and new lecture PowerPoints for each chapter. Used book in Good Condition. The textbook has been noted for its easy-to-read style and colorful illustrations.

Digital Electronics: Principles and Applications - Used book in Good Condition. Wiley. You will also find a test bank for each chapter that allows instructors to assign online homework and quizzes - this online homework is gradable and can be edited by instructors. Digital electronics: Principles and Applications provides a concise, modern approach to this fascinating subject.