An Introduction to Sociolinguistics Blackwell Textbooks in Linguistics

Wiley-Blackwell - Fully updated to reflect the most recent scholarship in the field and revised to include many more pedagogical features, An Introduction to Sociolinguistics, 7th Edition builds on its foundation as the most preeminent textbook in sociolinguistics, updated for today’s students. Significantly revised discussions throughout each of the book’s four key parts reflect the state of the field today• includes new chapters on Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, new Explorations and end-of-chapter exercises, and Sociolinguistics and Education• Incorporates innovative new perspectives drawn from linguistic anthropology• Provides an accessible history of the development of sociolinguistic thought and how this fast-moving field is integral to our lives• Includes numerous opportunities for students to engage with ideas presented in the text through a new glossary, links, and key concepts• New companion website includes links and resources for students Wiley-Blackwell.

Sociolinguistics and Language Education NEW PERSPECTIVES ON LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION

Multilingual Matters - This book, addressed to experienced and novice language educators, provides an up-to-date overview of sociolinguistics, reflecting changes in the global situation and the continuing evolution of the field and its relevance to language education around the world. Topics covered include nationalism and popular culture, style and identity, gender and ethnicity, creole languages, classroom discourse, multimodal literacies, critical language awareness, and ideologies and power.

. Whether considering the role of english as an international language or innovative initiatives in Indigenous language revitalization, in every context of the world sociolinguistic perspectives highlight the fluid and flexible use of language in communities and classrooms, and the importance of teacher practices that open up spaces of awareness and acceptance of --and access to--the widest possible communicative repertoire for students.

Sociolinguistics and Language Education NEW PERSPECTIVES ON LANGUAGE AND EDUCATION - Multilingual Matters.

Do You Speak American? Pa

Harvest - With insight and wit, macneil and cran bring us a compelling follow-up to The Story of English that is at once a celebration and a potent study of our singular language. Multilingual Matters. Examining the histories and controversies surrounding both written and spoken American English, MacNeil and Cran address highly emotional anxieties and assumptions about our language-and offer some unpredictable responses.

Do you speak american?, the companion volume to a PBS special, is the tale of the surprising discoveries they made while interviewing a host of native speakers and observing everyday verbal interactions across the country. Is the growing influence of spanish threatening to displace english in the united states? Are America's grammatical standards in serious decline? Has the media saturation of our culture homogenized our speech? These and other questions catapulted Robert MacNeil and William Cran, coauthors of the language classic The Story of English, on a journey that took them around the country in search of answers.

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics Learning about Language

Routledge - Routledge. Multilingual Matters. In this best-selling introductory textbook, janet Holmes and Nick Wilson examine the role of language in a variety of social contexts, considering both how language works and how it can be used to signal and interpret various aspects of social identity. Divided into three sections, this book explains basic sociolinguistic concepts in the light of classic approaches as well as introducing more recent research.

This fifth edition has been revised and updated throughout using key concepts and examples to guide the reader through this fascinating area, and which includes and video and audio materials, including: a new chapter on identity that reflects the latest research; a brand new companion website which is fully cross-referenced within this book, Wales, interactive activities and links to useful websites; updated and revised examples and exercises which include new material from Tanzania, Paraguay and Timor-Leste; fully updated further reading and references sections.

An Introduction to Sociolinguistics Learning about Language - An introduction to sociolinguistics is the essential introductory text for all students of sociolinguistics and a splendid point of reference for students of English language studies, linguistics and applied linguistics.

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching 6th Edition

Pearson Education ESL - End-of-chapter supplementary readings, activities, journal-writing guidelines, and discussion questions. Routledge. The new edition of this classic text, updated references, reflects the most recent themes in SLA research, used by teacher-education programs worldwide, and a summation of current issues and perspectives.

Expanded classroom Connections section provides more opportunities to link research findings to teaching implications. Multilingual Matters. Providing a comprehensive overview of the theoretical viewpoints that have shaped language teaching today, the text explains the pedagogical relevance of SLA research in reader-friendly prose.

Principles of Language Learning and Teaching 6th Edition - Updated activities and discussion questions for practicing instrctuctors and teachers in training. Features new opening vignettes connect chapter topics to language learners' stories. The text is available in print and eText formats. The sixth edition of principles of Language Learning and Teaching offers new ways of viewing and teaching second language acquisition SLA based on the latest research.

Bibliography with quick access to important works in the field. Concise glossary of key terminology. Pearson Education ESL.

Look at Me When I Talk to You: EAL Learners in Non-EAL Classrooms The Pippin Teacher's Library

Pippin Publishing - Helmer, Sylvia Multilingual Matters. Routledge. Pearson Education ESL. Used book in Good Condition.

How Languages are Learned 4e Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers

Oxford University Press - Routledge. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. A thoroughly updated edition of this prize-winning, readable introduction to the main theories of first and second language acquisition. This book introduces you to some of the language acquisition research that will help you not just to evaluate existing materials, but also to adapt and use them in a way that fits what we currently understand about how languages are learned.

Content including new research and new areas in pedagogy to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of research in the field. Chapter preview s and Summaries with round-up questions. Companion website with vodcasts, content updates, and shared user content. Also available as an e-book. Pearson Education ESL.

How Languages are Learned 4e Oxford Handbooks for Language Teachers - Multilingual Matters.

Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English

TBS - Pearson Education ESL. Oxford university Press USA. Used book in Good Condition. Examines patterns of use in the news, fiction and academic english * takes grammar and vocabulary together and looks at how they interact * Is based on the analysis of 40-million words of British and American, written and spoken corpus text * Uses over 3000 examples of real, corpus English to illustrate the points * Uses frequency tables and graphs to make the new findings of this grammar clear Multilingual Matters.

Pearson Education ESL. Routledge.

Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language, 4th edition

Cengage Learning - Now in its fourth edition, this comprehensive, materials, best-selling methodology resource gives both prospective and experienced ESL/ELT teachers the theoretical background and practical applications they need to decide which approaches, and resources can and should be used in their classrooms. Heinle Heinle Publishers.

Pearson Education ESL. Used book in Good Condition. Oxford university Press USA. Routledge. Pearson Education ESL. Multilingual Matters.

Teaching Pronunciation Paperback with Audio CDs 2: A Course Book and Reference Guide

Cambridge University Press - This new edition of teaching pronunciation - a reference and activity book in one - has been revised to reflect recent research into the sound system of North American English, as well as new practices in pronunciation pedagogy. Oxford university Press USA. Used book in Good Condition. Multilingual Matters.

. Audio cds with additional examples are now packaged with the book. Pearson Education ESL. Pearson Education ESL. The second edition includes updates and insights on current research and pedagogical practice that have developed over the last decade. Used book in Good Condition. Routledge. Heinle Heinle Publishers.

American English: Dialects and Variation Language in Society

Wiley-Blackwell - Used book in Good Condition. Now accompanied by a companion website with an extensive array of sound files, gender and language variation, and other online materials to enhance and illustrate discussions in the text Features brand new chapters that cover the very latest topics, and Dialect Awareness: Extending Application, as well as new exercises with online answers Updated to contain dialect samples from a wider array of US regions Written for students taking courses in dialect studies, variationist sociolinguistics, such as Levels of Dialect, and linguistic anthropology, video clips, The Application of Dialect Study, and requires no pre-knowledge of linguistics  Includes a glossary and extensive appendix of the pronunciation, grammatical, Regional Varieties of English, and lexical features of American English dialects Multilingual Matters.

Oxford university Press USA. Routledge. Pearson Education ESL. Pearson Education ESL. Used book in Good Condition. Wiley-Blackwell. Heinle Heinle Publishers. The new edition of this classic text chronicles recent breakthrough developments in the field of American English, ethnic, covering regional, and gender-based differences.