American Law and Legal Systems 7th Edition Paperback 2011 Author James V. Calvi, Susan Coleman

Pearson,2011 - American law and Legal Systems by Calvi, James V. Susan pearson, coleman, 2011 Paperback 7th Edition Paperback .

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Legal Issues

McGraw-Hill Education - Visit http://create. Mheducation. Com for more information on other McGraw-Hill titles and special collections. Select individual taking sides issues to enhance your course, or access and select the entire Katsh, Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Legal Issues, 18/e book here http://create. Mheducation. Com/createonline/index.

Html#qlink=search%2ftext%3disbn:125988368X for an easy, pre-built teaching resource. Go to the taking sides Collection on McGraw-Hill Create® at www. Mcgrawhillcreate. Com/takingsides and click on "Explore this Collection" to browse the entire Collection. You can browse the entire Taking Sides Collection on Create or you can search by topic, author, or keywords.

Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Legal Issues - The taking sides collection on mcgraw-Hill Create® includes current controversial issues in a debate-style forma designed to stimulate student interest and develop critical thinking skills. Each taking sides issue is thoughtfully framed with learning outcomes, and an "Exploring the Issue" section featuring Critical Thinking and Reflection, Is There Common Ground?, an Issue Summary, Additional Resources, an Introduction, and Internet References.

. This collection contains a multitude of current and classic issues to enhance and customize your course.

Criminal Law and Procedure

Wadsworth Publishing - Criminal law and procedure is an effective resource for learning all substantive and procedural aspects of criminal law. Used book in Good Condition. This practical, cybercrime, standards of proof, up-to-date text features important updates to criminal laws and statutes in the post-9/11 world, terrorism, including white-collar crime, the PATRIOT Act, and much more.

Available with InfoTrac Student Collections http://gocengage. Com/infotrac.

One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School

Penguin Books - Or anyone who has ever worried about being human. The new york times it was a year of terrors and triumphs, and, pitiless competition, of depressions and elations, of compulsive work, finally, mass hysteria. Turow's experiences at harvard Law School, where freshmen are dubbed One Ls, parallel those of first-year law students everywhere.

His gripping account of this critical, said The New York Times, formative year in the life of a lawyer is as suspenseful, as "the most absorbing of thrillers. Used book in Good Condition. A wonderful book. It should be read by anyone who has ever contemplated going to law school. It was scott turow's first year at the oldest, biggest, most esteemed center of legal education in the United States.

Just Revenge: Costs and Consequences of the Death Penalty

Worth Publishers - The text offers a thought-provoking, historically grounded study supported by decades of research on the death penalty in America. Just revenge: costs and consequences of the Death Penalty by Mark Costanzo offers an examination of the death penalty in America with an uncompromising look at how the system works.

Weighing the social costs and benefits to American society and debunking the easy myths, Costanzo builds an important new model for understanding the politics behind the practice of capital punishment. Used book in Good Condition.

The Essentials of Statistics: A Tool for Social Research

Cengage Learning - Cengage Learning. Author joseph healey helps readers develop skills for statistical literacy, emphasizing computational competence and the ability to read social science literature with greater comprehension. This reader-friendly text presents the essentials of statistics with an applied approach. Used book in Good Condition.

Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century 15th Edition What's New in Criminal Justice

Pearson - The 15th edition narrows in on race and justice, police use of force, and civil rights — viewed through the lens of recent police shootings and the ensuing “war on police” that together continue to threaten national unity. For introductory courses in criminal justice. Criminal justice today: an introductory text for the 21st Century , 15th Edition, is also available via Revel™, practice, an interactive learning environment that enables students to read, and study in one continuous experience.

Cengage Learning. Drawing on a theme of individual freedom versus public order, Schmalleger challenges students to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the American justice system. Best-selling introduction to criminal justice Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century leads the field as the gold standard for introductory criminal justice texts.

Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century 15th Edition What's New in Criminal Justice - Used book in Good Condition. Its comprehensive coverage focuses on the crime picture in the US and the three traditional elements of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections.

Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy 6th Edition

Pearson - Teaching and learning experience: examines administrative law in the context of accountability and the prevention of abuse Assists students in critical thinking and case analysis by including case excerpts Provides practical knowledge of administrative agencies and the laws that govern their behavior Used book in Good Condition.

. Instructor resources include an Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint lecture slides, and a Test Bank. Administrative law: bureaucracy in a democracy, investigations, rulemaking, including delegation, judicial review, Sixth Edition, freedom of information, liabilities of governments and their employees, adjudications, and other considerations, covers the constitutional and procedural dimensions of governmental agencies, such as the concept of fairness.

Administrative Law: Bureaucracy in a Democracy 6th Edition - Cengage Learning.

Police Administration

Delmar Cengage Learning - On the job" boxes highlight insights by working police administration professionals. Homeland security and terrorism, topics that have recently come to the forefront of police administration, are also covered. Used book in Good Condition. Key issues such as conflict resolution, human resources, budgeting and collective bargaining become clear with the use of sample forms and documents used by police organizations from around the country.

Police administration, 3rd edition, will give criminal justice students and practitioners the concrete knowledge to ascend through the ranks to become a chief, sheriff or other high ranking law enforcement official. Cengage Learning. Used book in Good Condition.

Taming the System: The Control of Discretion in Criminal Justice, 1950-1990

Oxford University Press - Cengage Learning. Taming the system is a history of the forty-year effort to control the discretion. It examines the discretion problem from the initial "discovery" of the phenomenon by the American Bar Foundation in the 1950s through to the most recent evaluation research on reform measures. It is a truism that the administration of criminal justice consists of a series of discretionary decisions by police, judges, prosecutors, and other officials.

Used book in Good Condition. In a field which largely produces short-ranged "evaluation research, in taking a wider approach, " this study, distinguishes between the role of administrative bodies the police and evaluates the longer-term trends and the successful reforms in criminal justice history. Used book in Good Condition.

Taming the System: The Control of Discretion in Criminal Justice, 1950-1990 - Of enormous value to scholars, bail setting, and criminal justice professionals, reformers, this book approaches the discretion problem through a detailed examination of four decision points: policing, plea bargaining, and sentencing.

Foundations of Legal Research and Writing

Cengage Learning - The book's up-to-the-minute coverage tackles the ever-evolving areas of computer-assisted research and Cyber law, analysis, in addition to traditional legal research, and writing. Used book in Good Condition. Detailed case excerpts, and discussions further support the assignments, tips, samples, and illustrate the many perils of inadequate research and poor legal writing.

Foundations of legal research and writing, fifth edition is the ideal resource for paralegals. Used book in Good Condition. Extensive research chapters address primary and secondary sources, and more, the Internet, memoranda of law, Lexis/Nexis, citating, office memos, while writing sections center on drafting client opinion letters, pleadings, contracts, and appellate briefs.

Foundations of Legal Research and Writing - Readers everywhere agree that foundations of legal research and writING, Fifth Edition delivers the concepts you need for success in the most demanding law firms and legal departments today. Every chapter gives you practice writing opportunities, as well as traditional and computer-assisted research assignments to help develop your skills.

Used book in Good Condition. Cengage Learning.