A Vampire’s Thirst: Quinn

Then the Thirst strikes. Of anything. A vampire’s thirst: dark, dangerous and Undeniable!Quinn Alexander is rich, handsome…and an ancient Vampire. Like a bolt of lightning, quick as a snake’s bite…power surging through him at the same time as his craving for human blood rockets out of control…and if there’s one thing that Quinn abhors it's losing control.

A shout, a scream, a cry for help…and Quinn knows it’s his Bloodmate. Can he reach her in the meandering maze? and when he does will it be in time?The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst!*All books in the series are standalone and can be read in any order. *. Lost in the backstreets of a foreign land, overpowers his senses, a scent assaults him, stuns him completely until he’s rushing headlong toward it with no thought other than to reach it and make it his.

He doesn’t want to be in hong Kong for the launch of his next multi-billion dollar gaming sensation, but needs must.

A Vampire's Thirst: Flint

One that he’s finding hard to control and he’s terrified that if he slips down that route he may never return. With a horde on his tail and the beautiful and injured kenzie McBride in his arms, he’s struck with the revelation of who and what she is; the most elusive and precious of things in the whole damn universe: a Vampire’s Bloodmate.

What was supposed to be a vacation has turned into a battle to save a young Scottish lass in danger as well as his own sanity when he’s struck with a mysterious Thirst. Anyone. The hunt is on, the battle fierce. A vampire’s thirst: dark, ancient vampire Flint, Dangerous and Undeniable!Lost in a foreign city, finds himself facing the toughest battle of his life.

Only the strong survive a vampire’s thirst!find out if flint can save Kenzie from those hunting her, and himself from the Thirst in this thrilling installment of A K Michaels’ A Vampire’s Thirst series that hit readers are calling magical, heart pounding, and enthralling. Buy flint now to read this hot, steamy, and seat-of-your-pants exhilarating paranormal romance today.

All stories are standalone and can be read in any order. What readers are saying:-"Flint and Kenzie’s story is magical. I love it!" by aimarel garcés"wow this book is so engrossing and will grab you at the first page all the way until the end !!" By minimimof2"Holy smokes! I couldn't stop my heart from pounding, but; I couldn't put this one down either! lol I still say there should be a way to rate this one with more than 5 stars.

By charged On.

A Vampire's Thirst: Nikolai

And she’s in terrible danger. Nikolai knows he has to find her. That of his Bloodmate. If he doesn’t, the thirst will take hold for good, and the number of deaths will be catastrophic—including his own. But nikolai isn’t the only one after his Bloodmate. A stand alone book set in the vampire romance world of ‘A Vampire’s Thirst.

Russian vampire nikolai petrov is forced by his maker to a meeting in a shady nightclub run by werewolves when it hits him—a craving for blood and sex, like nothing he’s ever experienced before—and his darkest vampire desires are unleashed. But then a delicious scent assaults him. An older vampire has paid to own her, because Nikolai’s Bloodmate isn’t purely human.

. The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst!*Please note, previous books do not need to be read prior to Nikolai. *.

A Vampire's Thirst: Hunter

A vampire’s thirst: Dark, Dangerous and Undeniable. Will hunter find his bloodmate before they both lose themselves to the Thirst? The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst. Instead he’s dedicated his life to finding a “cure” for vampirism so that he may die in battle as a human and feast in the hall among the gods and find the other half of his heart.

While working in the lab he is struck down by a mysterious illness that shakes the very foundation of his entire existence. A stand-alone heahunter webb, an ancient viking Vampire wants one thing: to be with his one true love…an impossibility seeing as he is refused entry to Valhalla for being a Vampire.

After thousands of years of control, his craving for warm blood and hot sex take over all of his reason…until a tiny vial of blood changes everything. Now he must find the owner of the blood or they will both be in grave danger. One taste and he remembers what it’s like to feel, hope and live again. The desire to feed ALL of his urges drives him to the edge of insanity.


A Vampire's Thirst: Adrian

He’s renowned for his iron will, but he now fears for his very sanity as a mysterious thirst wreaks havoc on his mind and body. Lavinia is a half-breed wolf on the run from purist shifters intent on ending her kind, believing she’s finally found a safe haven… until her roommate is savagely murdered and she’s thrown into a nightmare of hellish proportions.

At the masquerade gala, adrian and lavinia are thrown together in an encounter that will change their lives forever as fiery sparks of passion ignite and threaten to burn them to cinders. The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst!*Please note, previous books do not need to be read prior to Adrian.

*. A thirst growing out of control. A wolf on the run. Adrian has seen it all, done it all in his two thousand years as a vampire. A standalone book set in the vampire romance world of A Vampire’s Thirst. A masquerade Gala.

A Vampire's Thirst: Ivan

The only problem is the scent belongs to a police officer, one sent to find out who’s responsible for the bloody corpse found on the moors the previous night. His hunger all but consumes him, and he awakens to a nightmare; covered in blood with no recollection of what happened. Panic and dread overcomes him.

A vampire’s thirst: dark, dangerous and undeniable!russian vampire Ivan Sokolov is suffering from a bad case of the guilts and has high hopes of apologising to his ex—the half-breed daughter of the werewolf Deacon Thorn. He tracks her down to the eerie and remote Dartmoor when he is struck down by the Thirst.

And to add to that … she’s his Bloodmate. Is ivan the one responsible? or will the truth lie in the ancient myths surrounding the local moors…?The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst! He takes the only way out and tries to make a run for it when he’s hit by a most wondrous scent.


A Vampire's Thirst: Remi

Magno zara has dispatched his lead investigator, and his second in command, Jana Noskova, to team up with New Orleans local, Ethan Boudreaux, Clarence Collins, to locate and bring to justice those responsible for the crimes. A strange affliction, an overwhelming thirst has hit Remi, causing his desire for blood to increase to astounding proportions, placing the human woman he cares for in dire danger.

Is remi to blame for the killings? has the thirst turned him into a vampire gone rogue? Or, has he discovered something he wasn’t looking for… his bloodmate?Please note that all books in this series can be read as stand alone novels. A vampire’s thirst… dark… dangerous and UndeniableIn the world of high stakes poker, Remi Bellerive is the undisputed champion, his name renowned in gaming circles.

Though scared of what his henchman, will do to her if she’s caught, Hans, the terror of living and dying at his whims spurs Sophie to jump at the only chance she has of running away. Amidst this backdrop, a rash of murders has drawn the attention of The Directive, a mysterious collective that polices all supernaturals, and holds them to account for any wrongdoing.

With his lover, michelle, at his side, Remi is living his vampire life according to his rules with no apology. His nemesis, tripleace, has other ideas, however, and plans to use his lucky charm to unseat Remi at the upcoming live poker tournament. Filled with envy and jealousy of Remi’s fame and standing, TripleAce is dead set on defeating Remi by any means necessary.

After being drawn into tripleace’s dark world and seeing firsthand the despicable things he’s capable of, Sophie is desperate to escape.

A Vampire's Thirst: Gunner

A vampire’s thirst! dark, and undeniable!sentenced to 500 years in prison for a rash of murders he didn’t commit, Dangerous, Gunner is granted a miracle: a month of freedom to prove his innocence. Though desperate to find evidence to clear his good name, his plans go awry when he’s struck by a Thirst he can’t quench soon after scenting the sweet ambrosia of his Bloodmate.

With an underlying strength that shows through her gentleness, Imogen is the perfect balance to Gunner’s world of blood, bullets, and incriminations. Her connection to him is immediate, passionate, and full of promise. Catastrophe strikes when imogen is abducted, sending Gunner into the throes of the debilitating and insatiable Thirst which renders him incapable of controlling his craving for blood.

With so many lives on the line, the stakes have never been higher. Will gunner rescue Imogen in time, or will the Thirst drive him to insanity. And ultimately to his death?the hunt is on! The battle fierce! Only the strong survive A Vampire’s Thirst! .

A Vampire's Thirst: Alaric

This shield, along with his bond to the Universe’s chosen warriors, the Dragon Guard serves as a constant reminder of what was taken from him. Driven to excel…to always remain in control…he's never been defeated. But the past is a cruel mistress who demands her due, no matter the cost. Fate refuses to be denied… some demons simply refuse to be slain…And, no matter how long, Life, rarely plays out as planned.

. Running from a past he can’t escape, lost to the insanity of the Thirst - the scent of home, momentarily clears his mind, of buttercups and poppies, invades his senses, and demands that he find the one woman…the only woman, who can deliver him from certain death. His Bloodmate. This is a vampire’s Thirst… Dark.

. Dangerous. Undeniable.

A Vampire's Thirst: Grey

But when he's called upon to help stifle an out-of-control prodigy, everything changes. The beast is out and will stop at nothing to be with her. What the readers have to say:hang on for this ride! Literally! This is a super-hot story that is action packed and never slows down. Being in love is loss of control, if you knew the beast that lives beneath the surface you’d know I was not worthy of being loved.

A vampire’s thirst: dark, dangerous, and Undeniably Sexy!Professor Grey Hart enjoys the finer things in life, while keeping his blood-thirsty darker side under wraps. Honor and propriety are paramount for him. Not only is he struggling to keep his thirst at bay, but now, his need for sexual release strangely has him yearning for more.

Blood fairy, Mila, escapes from the underworld. Something is drawing her to him. Suddenly the smell of blood sends him reeling. Snowbunny1977bella roccaforte brings you another story in A K Michaels’ world, A Vampire’s Thirst full of hot as hades alpha males in this smoking paranormal romance story. Twinsie kellywithout giving away any spoilers their love affair heats up the pages to boiling point, steam comes off the pages.

This book will rewrite the story. A******************, highly recommended.

A Vampire's Thirst : Markus

Rachel can’t deny the pull towards him…but will it be the death of both of them?The hunt is on, the battle fierce…only the strong survive a Vampire’s Thirst. He must have her. Then it hits…a tantalizing scent that takes his breath away and has his heart thudding in his chest like a jackhammer. He craves the owner of this scent like nothing he’s felt before.

Must find her…and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her his. A vampire’s thirst…dark, dangerous and deadly!markus black’s passion has been his work and building his empire…nothing will stand in the way of his goal…until he’s hit by a mysterious Thirst and his life begins to unravel. When he finds out she’s a Witch on the run, Markus realises things are going to be harder than he first thought.

Rachel jones is fleeing for her life…a Vampire proclaiming his love wasn’t on the agenda, especially when she’s been brought up to despise them.