A Lily of the Field Inspector Troy Thriller Book 7

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - The book follows two characters—Méret Voytek, a talented young cellist living in Vienna at the novel’s start, and Dr. Lawton’s thrillers provide a vivid, moving and wonderfully absorbing way to experience life in London and on the Continent before, during and after World War II. The washington Post  .

In his seventh inspector troy novel, lawton moves seamlessly from vienna and Auschwitz to the deserts of New Mexico and the rubble-strewn streets of postwar London, following the fascinating parallels of the physicist Szabo and musician Voytek as fate takes each far from home and across the untraditional battlefields of a destructive war to an unexpected intersection at the novel’s close.

A Lily of the Field Inspector Troy Thriller Book 7 #ad - Spanning the tumultuous years 1934 to 1948, John Lawton’s A Lily of the Field is a brilliant historical thriller from a master of the form. The result, a lily of the field, is lawton’s best book yet, a historically accurate and remarkably written novel that explores the diaspora of two Europeans from the rise of Hitler to the post-atomic age.

Inspector troy of scotland yard returns in “one of the best thrillers of the year” Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review. Karel szabo, a hungarian physicist interned in a camp on the Isle of Man.


Second Violin Inspector Troy Thriller Book 6

Grove Press #ad - Hundreds of men are herded by train to a neglected camp on the Isle of Man. The sixth installment in the series, Lawton’s new novel opens in 1938 with Europe on the brink of war. Smart and gracefully written. Patrick anderson, The Washington Post. One of today’s top historical espionage writers, considered “as good as Le Carré” Chicago Tribune and “a master, ” John Lawton adds another spellbinding thriller to his Inspector Troy series with Second Violin Rocky Mountain News.

Moving from the nazi-infested alleys of prewar vienna to the bombed-out streets of 1940 London, Lawton’s thriller is a suspenseful and intelligent novel, and featuring an extraordinary cast of characters, as good a spy story as it is an historical narrative. As london braces for wwii, a string of murdered rabbis draws Inspector Troy into a mystery that “sets pulses racing and the jaded responses tingling” The Irish Times.

Second Violin Inspector Troy Thriller Book 6 #ad - In london, frederick troy, newly promoted to the prestigious murder squad at Scotland Yard, Rod, is put in charge of rounding up a list of German and Italian “enemy aliens” that also includes his brother, who learns upon receiving an internment letter that he was born in Austria despite having grown up in England.

And as the bombs start falling on London, a murdered rabbi is found, then another, and another .  .  . Amid great war, murder is what matters.


Flesh Wounds Inspector Troy Series Book 5

Grove Press #ad - Private eye joey rork has been hired to make sure Kitty’s amorous liaisons with a rat pack crooner don’t ruin her husband’s political career. An old flame has returned to Troy’s life: Kitty Stilton, wife of an American presidential hopeful. Before rork can find out, he meets a gruesome end. Is it possible that the blood trail leads back to troy’s own police force and into Troy’s own forgotten past? Flesh Wounds, a compulsively readable thriller, finds one of our most able storytellers at the height of his game.

And he isn’t the only one: bodies have started turning up around London, dismembered in the same bizarre and horrifying way. But he also wants to know why kitty has been spotted with Danny Ryan, in addition to owning one of London’s hottest jazz clubs, whose twin brothers, are said to have inherited the crime empire of a fallen mobster.

Flesh Wounds Inspector Troy Series Book 5 #ad - A serial killer stalks post-wWII London in a gritty detective novel featuring Scotland Yard’s Inspector Troy. There are characters based on or at least inspired by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Meyer Lansky, enough dismembered bodies to satisfy the most morbid imaginations and frequent flashes of sly wit and social conscience that illuminate a vanished world.

Publishers Weekly.


Bluffing Mr. Churchill Inspector Troy Thriller Book 4

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - Their investigation takes them across war-torn London, and in Cormack’s case, into the arms of Kitty, his partner’s rambunctious daughter. Stahl’s man in the American embassy, the shy and sheltered Calvin M. It is 1941. Cormack, walter stilton, is teamed with a boisterous MI5 officer, to find the spy and bring him to safety.

As cormack and stilton close in on Stahl, bodies begin turning up—and the duo realize they may not be the only ones in pursuit of the spy. Together, they investigate the trail of murders and come to a horrifying realization: Cormack and his spy are being played by one of their own in the American embassy.

Bluffing Mr. Churchill Inspector Troy Thriller Book 4 #ad - Produces a rich and juicy montage that throbs with life. Dick adler, chicago Tribune  . Wolfgang stahl, an american spy operating undercover as an SS officer, has just fled Germany with Hitler’s henchmen on his trail. Scotland yard’s sergeant troy returns in a WWII thriller praised as an absorbing blend of espionage and detection” The Denver Post.

When his partner is suddenly murdered, Cormack must turn to the ingenious devices of his lover Kitty’s old flame—Sergeant Troy of Scotland Yard. The blend of lawton’s fictional creations with real characters like Churchill .  .  .


Old Flames Inspector Troy Thriller Book 2

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - Troy embarks on an investigation that takes him to the rotten heart of MI6, to the distant days of his childhood, and into the dangerous arms of an old flame. Chief inspector troy of scotland Yard is assigned to be Khrushchev’s bodyguard and to spy on him. Scotland yard’s inspector troy returns in a Cold War spy thriller hailed as “stylish, sophisticated, suspenseful .

 .  . In april 1956, khrushchev and bulganin, at the height of the Cold War, leaders of the Soviet Union, are in Britain on an official visit. If troy is the character at the heart of this novel, overrun with agents and counter-agents, its soul is England as it was during the Cold War years, as Troy says, a country fueled by paranoia and espionage, caught up, in ‘an age that specialized in thinking the unthinkable.

Old Flames Inspector Troy Thriller Book 2 #ad - Anne stephenson, USA Today. A fictional tour de force” Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post. Soon after, a royal navy diver is found dead and mutilated beyond recognition in Portsmouth Harbor.


A Little White Death Inspector Troy Thriller Book 3

Grove Press #ad - While he is on medical leave, the yard brings charges against an acquaintance of his, a hedonistic doctor with a penchant for voyeurism and young women, two of which just happen to be sleeping with a senior man at the Foreign Office as well as a KGB agent. England in 1963 is a country set to explode. John lawton is so captivating a storyteller that I’d happily hear him out on any subject.

Marilyn stasio, the New York Times Book Review. The battle reaches uncomfortably close to Troy. It’s all troy can do to stay afloat in a country immersed in drugs and up to its neck in scandal. Lawton’s work stands head and shoulders above most other contemporary thrillers, earning those comparisons to Le Carré.

A Little White Death Inspector Troy Thriller Book 3 #ad - The boston globe   the latest novel from the master spy novelist John Lawton follows Inspector Troy, now Scotland Yard’s chief detective, deep into a scandal reminiscent of the infamous Profumo affair. But on the eve of the verdict, a curious double case of suicide drags Troy back into active duty. Beyond bedroom acrobatics, the secret affairs now stretch to double crosses and deals in the halls of power, not to mention murder.

The old guard, shocked by the habits of the war baby youth, sets out to fight back.


Friends and Traitors The Inspector Troy Novels Book 8

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - It is there that he crosses paths with an old acquaintance, a man who always seems to be followed by trouble: British spy turned Soviet agent Guy Burgess. Friends and traitors is the eighth novel in the series—which can be read in any order—a story of betrayal, espionage, and the dangers of love. London, 1958.

Chief superintendent frederick troy of scotland Yard, newly promoted after good service during Nikita Khrushchev’s visit to Britain, is not looking forward to a European trip with his older brother, Rod. Suffice it to say that troy is more than surprised when Burgess, who has escaped from the bosom of Moscow for a quick visit to Vienna, tells him something extraordinary: “I want to come home.

Troy knows this news will cause a ruckus in london—but even Troy doesn’t expect an MI5 man to be gunned down as a result, and Troy himself suspected of doing the deed. And the stakes become all the higher for Troy when he reencounters a woman he first met in the Ritz hotel during a blackout—falling in love is a handicap when playing the game of spies.

Friends and Traitors The Inspector Troy Novels Book 8 #ad - John lawton’s inspector troy novels are regularly singled out as a crime series of exceptional quality, by critics and readers alike. As he fights to prove his innocence, troy is haunted by more than just Burgess’s past liaisons—there is a scandal that goes up to the highest ranks of Westminster, affecting spooks and politicians alike.

Rod has decided to take his entire family on “the Grand Tour” for his fifty-first birthday: a whirlwind of restaurants, galleries, and concert halls from Paris to Florence to Vienna to Amsterdam. But frederick Troy only gets as far as Vienna.


Black Out Inspector Troy Thriller Book 1

Grove Press #ad - Sgt. Frederick troy arrives at the scene, it becomes apparent that the dismembered body is not the work of a V-1 rocket. London, 1944. The first of the inspector troy novels,  black Out singularly captures the realities of wartime London, weaving them into a riveting drama that encapsulates the uncertainty of Europe at the dawn of the postwar era.

A delightful, intelligent, involving book” Scott Turow. The son of a titled russian émigré, stateless refugees, Troy is forced to leave the London he knows and enter a corrupt world of bloody consequences, and mysterious women as he unearths a chain of secrets leading straight to the Allied high command.

Black Out Inspector Troy Thriller Book 1 #ad - A severed arm is discovered by a group of children playing at an East End bomb site, and when Scotland Yard’s Det. After troy manages to link the severed arm to the disappearance of a refugee scientist from Nazi Germany, America’s newest intelligence agency, the OSS, decides to get involved. An exciting, fast-moving mystery set against the backdrop of the London blitz in 1944.

Booklis. When the panic subsides, other things begin to surface along with London’s war-worn citizens .  .  . John lawton’s debut novel: a stunning, WWII thriller introducing Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant Troy.


The Unfortunate Englishman The Joe Wilderness Novels

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - The joe wilderness novels are meticulously researched, tautly plotted, historical thrillers in the mold of .  .  . Enlisted by mi6 to set up shop in berlin, where a former paramour is under threat, Wilderness returns to the city where he spent his postwar years, and where the dividing line between the West and the Soviets will soon be crossed.

But, wilderness is also working a personal angle—just to make it interesting, just to make it profitable, as a former black marketer, just to make it a little more dangerous. As the russians start building the wall, two agents find themselves trapped on opposing sides: an unfortunate Englishman in the Lubyanka in Moscow, and a KGB operative in London’s Wormwood Scrubs.

The Unfortunate Englishman The Joe Wilderness Novels #ad - Alan furst, phillip kerr, Eric Ambler, David Downing and Joseph Kanon. The wall street journal   “Rich, inventive, surprising, cynical, bawdy, informed, heartbreaking and hilarious. Spy fiction at its best. The washington Post. However much you know about postwar Berlin, Lawton will take you deeper into its people, conflicts and courage.

 .  .  .


Then We Take Berlin: A Novel

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - With the war over, he’s become a “free-agent gumshoe” weathering Cold War fears and hard-luck times. To survive, he must follow a serpentine trail through his own past, into the confidence of an unexpected lover, and go dangerously deep into a black market scam the likes of which Berlin has never seen.

But now he’s being drawn back into the secret ops business when an ex-CIA agent asks him to spearhead one last venture: smuggle a vulnerable woman out of East Berlin. A stylish spy thriller” of postwar berlin—the first in a thrilling new series from the acclaimed author of the Inspector Troy Novels TheNew York Times Book Review.

John wilfrid holderness—aka joe wilderness—was a young Cockney cardsharp surviving the London Blitz before he started crisscrossing war-torn Europe as an MI6 agent. The joe wilderness novels are meticulously researched, tautly plotted, historical thrillers in the mold of .  .  . Alan furst, eric ambler, Phillip Kerr, David Downing and Joseph Kanon.

Then We Take Berlin: A Novel #ad - The wall street journal   “it will thrill readers with an interest in WWII and the early Cold War era. Publishers weekly, starred review   “A wonderfully complex and nuanced thriller. Kirkus Reviews. Never mind the comparisons—lawton can stand up on his own, and Then We Take Berlin is a gem” The Seattle Times.


Sweet Sunday: A Novel

Atlantic Monthly Press #ad - Atmospheric .  .  . He can hold his own with contemporaries Alan Furst and Phillip Kerr. Boston Herald. 1969 is a time of turmoil and murder for a new york PI in this “twisty, sometimes terrifying” novel from the author of the acclaimed Inspector Troy Novels Kirkus Reviews. New york pi turner raines is a has-been—and the things he has been include a broken civil rights worker, a second-rate lawyer, and a tenth-rate yippie reporter.

Absorbingly intelligent. Financial times   “John Lawton writes great thrillers.  .  .  . But in 1969, as the usa is about to land a man on the moon and the Vietnam War is ripping the country to pieces, Raines is working as a skip tracer, making sure draft-dodgers are safe and sound in Canada. Following the trail of his buddy’s death, confronted anew with his divided family, Turner hits the road for the Texas of his childhood, and blown into the dangerous path of a band of brothers from ’Nam whose secrets could not only change Turner’s life but the country itself.

Sweet Sunday: A Novel #ad - When raines returns from toronto, has been murdered, a left-wing journalist, he discovers that his oldest friend, and has taken his latest powder keg of a story to his grave.